Rules of the competition

Rules of the competition (contest) and procedure for downloading the files

Rules of the competition (contest)

By downloading the original stems and participating in the contest (competition) the participant declares and confirms that he accepts the rules of the competition (contest)

1. All rights in and to the song “Ve’eem Tavo’ee Elay”, the recording and the recording channels (stems) (lyrics, music, arrangements, playing, performance etc.) belong exclusively to Idan Raichel, TripL and Helicon Ltd.
Use of the stems within the framework of the competition is exclusively for the purpose of the competition.
Any other usage, whether commercial or non commercial, of the song, the recording and/or the recording channels (stems) ,without the explicit consent of the owners of the rights therein is strictly forbidden and constitutes a breach of copyright

2. The participant undertakes that the remix which he has created and submitted to the competition is original and that nothing therein and no part thereof in any way violates the rights of a third party.

3. The remix that will be sent to the competition – via YouTube , Soundcloud , Facebook or any other platform that Kilombo might designate – should be uploaded to the platform with the heading: remix (name of the remix creator) "Ve'eem Tavo'ee Elay".
When sending the remix to the competition the participant should add his full name , address , phone number and any credits, other than the remixer himself, that need to be given.

4. The participant declares that he is aware that all the rights in and to the remix, including the intellectual propery rights therein, will be owned exclusively by Helicon Ltd and Helicon will be entitled to use it, and to allow third parties to use it, without any limitation, to promote the competition.

5. The participant confirms his understanding that Helicon will have full usage of the remixes that will be selected as the winners of the competition, including commercial exploitation through any and all channels and formats – throughout the world, and in perpetuity. The remixes will, at Helicon’s or its representative’s sole discretion, be published, distributed and offered to the public on and via various platforms, with the appropriate and customary credit being given to the remixer. The participant hereby declares that he has not, and will not have, any claim or demand on Helicon in connection with or resulting from Helicon’s use of the remix.

6. The participant hereby declares his understanding that, whether or not he is a winner of the competition, any use, whether commercial or otherwise, of the remix, whether by him or by a third party authorized by him, is strictly prohibited. Nothing herein contained is intended to prohibit or prevent the public performance of the remix at parties and live gigs.

7. In participating in the competition the participant grants Helicon and Idan Raichel the right to use his name and personal details, as supplied by him, in any media and all channels of communication, provided that such use is made in connection with the competition or the remix.

8. The participant undertakes to compensate and indemnify Helicon and Kilombo for any damage or expense incurred as a result of a breach of these regulations, including but not limited to lawyers’ fees and court costs.

9. Helicon and Kilombo will have the right to terminate, cancel and change the terms of the competition without the need to give prior notification, for any reason and at their sole discretion.